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Haven’t posted to this blog in a while so just wanted to update anyone who follows. I am no longer participating in fitness competitions, but am instead focused on my recovery from compulsive eating. If you’d like to follow that blog, the link is http://myoastory.wordpress.com.

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VT7 Before Pics and Stats

Well here it goes! I’m not pleased with my physique but I LOVE these pics! Why? Because without these pics my transformation wouldn’t be as powerful. In 12 weeks I will look back on these pics and marvel at how far I’ve come! I dolled myself up and even put on earrings! I’ve decided that I am going to take pride in my appearance at any size. Just because I’m chubbier than I want to be doesn’t mean I have to look busted!

A little note about posting pics publicly. Although it may prove embarrassing it also is a powerful accountability tool. I mean I can’t punk out now that it’s out there for everyone to see right? Ok, ok, I know you’re really here for the pics lol so here ya go!

Start Weight: 162.8Start Shoulders: 42 inches
Start Waist: 32 inches
Start Hips: 39

Here’s to Transformation!



VT7: Locked & Loaded!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the seventh Venus Index 12 Week Contest and I a locked, loaded, and ready for WAR! Not war against my fellow Venus’s of course, but rather war against my negative thought patterns and habits that have thus far prevented me from achieving the goal of my best body.

Through my trial and error with supplements, nutrition strategies, and even pharmaceutical anti-obesity drugs (legally obtained of course lol) and the feedback of supportive family (Josh), mentors, and great friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that my problem is “hunger” but its the fact that my appetite is often driven by reasons other than hunger.

So my goal for VT7 is not only a 30 pound weight loss while achieving my best Venus look, it’s healing from the inside out. Its breaking my addiction to the comforting and socially acceptable abuse of food as a tranquilizer. It’s creating new habits and methods of dealing with stress that are supportive of good health and an attractive physique. It’s being kinder to myself, giving myself permission to be an imperfectly flawed human, making taking care of myself a priority, and adopting the mindset that taking care of myself isn’t negative, vain, or selfish, rather the better I take care of Kass, the better wife, mother, student, friend and (soon to be!) medical professional I can be for everyone who depends on me to be so.

I will check in weekly with weight, measurements, and reflections for the week. Also I will be chronicling my personal experimentation with nutritional ketosis inspired by Jimmy Moore. Day one weigh in and before pics tomorrow! Warning, they are NOT cute BUT in 12 weeks they WILL BE FIYAH!



Day 4 on Phen…

4 days on phen, 4 pounds down so far! I know it’s mostly water weight BUT it’s extra water my body doesn’t need anyway. I’m having nothing but positive effects on this med. My appetite is greatly diminished. For the first time in a year, I don’t have to gnash my teeth and go to bed crying just to keep myself in a deficit. I’m sitting here right now with 1100 calories for the day feeling totally satisfied. That NEVER happens EVER.

I have all day energy now. I’m not fighting to keep from falling asleep in class or scared I’ll get killed in an accident because I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel (this used to happen several times a month, on a weekly basis). I don’t fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up 3 hours later wondering what happened. I feel great. I’ve cleaned my entire apartment and repainted all my walls (only have a couple doors to paint and some papers to organize left). My mood is more level and I’m less overly emotional about little things. I’m just more pleasant to be around.

The only sides I’ve had are a bit of dry mouth and some days the appetite suppression wears off late afternoon/evening but even then it’s much more blunted than without phen. I think the Prozac really blunts any of the negative sides from the phen a lot of people get (jitters, racing heart, feeling “speedy”). Either that or my energy level is soooooo super low that what would make a normal person “speedy” makes me normal and functional.

My doc is going to increase my dose a bit to completely cover all the hunger including the afternoon pangs and cravings to make it super easy for me to stick to my deficit. The less amount of time I spend on the med the better. Once I reach goal the plan is to taper up my calories and taper down the phen-pro until I’m at maintenance level with no meds. He did inform me though that even in maintenance I may need a low dose of phen-pro until my appetite adjusts down to my new size to prevent a rebound.
One thing for sure is this has alerted me to the fact that I may have something underlying going on with so much fatigue. I got approved for VA so my plan is to make an appointment, get a full panel done, and see what the deal is. Anywho, that’s my update for now!



Starting Phen

This post may be a little controversial. I know lots of people see pharmaceutical intervention with weight loss as a crutch or an easy way out. They see the overweight as lazy and undisciplined. “Eat less, move more, it’s so easy! Suck it up and do it!” I too once had that mentality, until I had to live it. Once you’re body has been truly overweight, the feeling of hunger is no longer a nagging thing you can ignore, it’s a driving, powerful force.

I’ve been able to beat the hunger up to this point. I’m at the higher end of my BMI, walking the line between 25.1 to 24.9 depending on what I eat. In other words, I’m borderline overweight. Just looking at me, because of my long build, you’d never think that, but see me in my underwear and it’s obvious I’m overfat. I’ve spent the last year fighting hunger and hunger kicked my ass lol. I haven’t been able to keep a deficit long enough to allow my stomach to shrink. Basically, I can and still have the driving desire to eat my way back up to my previous size.

Enter Phentermine. I’ve spent hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars (much to my husband’s chagrin) on untested unproven supplements and nothing’s been able to blunt my hunger. I’ve go low carb, Paleo, low cal, etc., but the reality is it’s just hard at a lower weight to create and maintain a deficit. Add to that the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, house keeper, cook, full time student, and a part-time mind numbing computer job and though many girls CAN do it all, I’m not one of them. I don’t have the mental resources to channel the will power to cut to my final goal, and I’m not dropping out of school, divorcing my husband, selling off my kids, or becoming a hoarder living off microwave dinners so this is the solution I choose.

I’m medically supervised, in very good health, and truth be told, Phentermine is safer and more proven than some of the “natural” stuff lining the shelves of Vitamin Shoppe or being pushed online (As seen with the latest FDA campaign to follow Canada’s example of eliminating Yohimbe from dietary supplements).

Now the fun part. Usually when one posts a post like this they get a lot of “be careful you don’t being a pill popping crack whore” (not likely with a schedule IV drug like Phen lol), or “have you tried xyz solution?” Listen, I don’t mean to sound bishy but I am an intelligent adult, an informed consumer, and have thoroughly research all other options and this is what I’ve chosen so please respect that. I am after all a medical professional in the making so I probably am more informed than most about these matters.

Anyway, on to happy stuff. I’m so excited! Controlling my calorie intake has been my biggest obstacle! Without the distraction of hunger I’m confident and excited that I will finally reach my goal! One thing I am thankful for though is the journey to this point. If I had started Phen years ago I’m sure I’d have gained the weight back because I didn’t have the tools and knowledge on what it takes to maintain a weight loss. Now I do! Soooo ready for tiny clothes yay! So I’ll be blogging my progress, side effects, etc. Will post again soon!



PS: My doc (If you’re in the DFW area and want a referral let me know) said for my build swimming would be the perfect cardiovascular exercise for mood, fat loss, and long term maintenance in addition to my weight training! Guess I need to learn how to swim huh? At least I’ll be one less black person that fills the stereotype of “black folk caint swim!” LMAO!

4 Months Left in 2012! Not Giving Up! New Strategy…

I’m 156.6 pounds today. That’s exactly 10 pounds heavier than I started 2012 at (146.6). For the last eight months I’ve yo-yoed quite a bit. My highest weight was 161 (full tummy, full on bloat) and my lowest was 142 (water depleted and dehydrated.) For the most part though I’ve maintained between 145 and 155. I’ve continued with my workouts and have enjoyed a bit of recomp (gained some muscle and look smaller at the same weight than previously). I’ve also learned how to pretty much maintain my weight within a 10 pound range.

So for that reason I won’t beat myself up anymore for my once perceived “lack of progress” in 2012 so far (thank you Josh for all the pep talks and encouragement when I felt like a total failure).

I’ve maintained a 4.0 in school and have been (unofficially) selected for ITAC which is my school’s Student Ambassador Council comprised of the “cream of the crop” students based on both academics and attitude.

I’m not writing all of this to brag, it’s more speaking to myself, telling my inner self that just because I haven’t reached my goal weight or metrics YET doesn’t mean I’m a loser or a failure. I’ve had a lot on my plate,  have accomplished a lot and managed not to regain all of my lost weight. That’s a WIN!

But now I’m ready to finish this race. I feel established in and adjusted to school, I’m making improvements in my household duties, so now it’s time to tie up this fitness thing.

I intend to finish out VT5 and enter VT6. There’s 7 weeks left until the end of the 20 week contest. I will submit my final pics even though my chances of placing are slim to none. Why? Because I need to finish what i started, period.

Entries for VT6 must be submitted by 8/27 and I’m gonna submit mine (a little weird overlap in contests lol but I’m still going for it!) That’ll take me until right before Thanksgiving. Here’s my strategy:

Diet: Atkins plain and simple. I feel my best on lower carbs, little to no hunger and no tummy troubles. I intend to make it a lifestyle and follow it through all the Phases correctly this time (Atkins is actually very similar to the Reverse Taper protocol actually if followed correctly). Almost all my energy goes into doing well in school, I just cannot dedicate any energy to fighting hunger or having the discipline to control my carbo craziness. “Everything in moderation” actually takes a lot of time and willpower FOR ME. When carbs are low, at least that part is out of the way.

Exercise: I’m going to use Venus Index Circuits and Specializations but with 1 tweak. Instead of doing 3 circuit workouts, with 3-4 sets of each exercise each week, I’ll be doing 1 circuit workout per week spread out in 4 separate sessions followed by cardio. This will get me in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less which is much more doable that 90+ minutes when it’s all said and done. The other 2 days I will do a butt specialization followed by cardio.

What this does for me is keeps me moving every day and makes daily exercise more of a habit than something I have to force myself to do.

So there it is. A bit scattered but hopefully somewhat readable lol. I’m excited for the future and look forward to reaching ALL my goals!



Down 9 Pounds & Ready For VT5!

I’m going to try a bit of a different format to organize my thoughts better and hopefully reduce the length and scatterbrainedapparentness (new word lol) of my blog postings!


Since  5/11 I’ve come down nearly 9 pounds from 160 to 151.6!


What I Did:

  • Cut way back on amount of exercise. Cut out almost all cardio save 1 30 minute session
  • Cut back on lifting sessions down from daily to 3 days a week
  • Started logging my calories again following the transformation diet guidelines and two 24-hour fasts per week (Total caloric intake for the week – 15,871)


Kicking ass in school still! Aced my final in Healthcare Computer Applications woohoo! Have a presentation this week I’m sure to kill as well. Final this week also for Student Success but I’m pretty confident about that one (Quick question – is a 4.0 just an “A” period, or do you have to have 100% in everything to get a 4.0 average?)


I intend to enter the 20-week VT5 contest and hopefully place! This was a hard choice for me because everything in me wanted to do 12 weeks. After careful consideration and reflection I realize that to have true lasting changes I need more time to “coast in” rather than push it super hard and go to extremes. In the past I’ve placed however those extremes cost me much progress and caused me great mental anguish. No more of that!


I’ve also decided to book a professional photo shoot for my after pics! These are more for me than for “winning.” I have always believed that I could be just as hot as any celebrity with the right photographer, make up, etc. I really want to see how beautiful I can get!


I hate (aka LOVE) to do this too you but in addition to my contest pics I’m going to take one particular signature pic that is gonna be soooo hot and sexy! I’m not giving it away cuz I don’t want you hoes stealing my idea LMAO! I will tell you this much, DH will love/hate it! He’ll love how I look but hate other people seeing it! I’m not even telling him about this pic (cuz he’ll say no LMAO!)


I don’t mind, however, sharing my strategies with everyone because I want EVERYONE to win! Hopefully something I implement can help someone else.



  • ESE two days per week. I’ve been experimenting with lunch to lunch fasts and those seem to work better for me than dinner to dinner. Another point want to share about ESE is one big reason it’s been working out a lot better for me is I haven’t been obsessing over trying to eat less than 1,000 calories on fasting days. This is another case of me comparing myself to others. I’d see other girls posting how they ate 600 or 500 cals on a fast day and look at my 1400 and think I screwed up.  After reading through ESE, ESE Optimized, and TD again though I’ve come to realize that even if I eat up a bit, I’m still majorly benefiting from the fasting. I’ve really lightened up on myself.


  • TD calorie recommendations but not super strict. If I go over I go over. No need beating myself up. After all it’s a GUIDLINE not a set in stone set of rules. My body won’t lie to me. If I need to eat more for a time I’m not going to beat her down. I’m going to eat and accept the slower pace she’s allowing me at the time. Oddly enough I’ve found a slower pace is actually a faster pace with me! Imagine that!
  • AGD style unrestrained eating. I won’t be cutting carbs this round. I’m going to eat what I want BUT I’m going to make sure it really IS what I want and eat REAL FOOD as often as possible. Today for example I was craving something savory. Instead of grabbing the chips I was tempted by I had a wonder lunch of street tacos, homemade tortilla chips with homemade queso, and charro beans! My body responded waaaaay better than if I would have had some salty junk food.


If I want sweet, I’ll opt for fruit before candy (but if I really want the candy, I’ll have a small portion) and I WILL HAVE ICE CREAM! I love ice cream, it’s my favorite treat. I’m tentatively planning on having it once weekly but that may change later.



  • 3 VI workouts per week! While waiting for VI3 to come out, I decided to do this thing I call the “workout bag.” I basically wrote all the VI workouts I have (84 total) on strips of paper and put it in this bag.

On workout days I do it raffle style and let my kids pick my workout out the bag (they really seem to like this lol). I did the math and doing each workout just once, 3 days a week will give me 28-weeks’ worth of workouts. So John if you’re reading, you have up to 28-weeks to produce VI3 before I beat dat ass LMAO!!!


  • I’m not going to do cardio until MAYBE the last few weeks of the contest. This is new for me but I really want to focus on this last bit of fat loss and then it’s all about the muscle! I have a finite amount of energy for exercise and I want 100% of it to go toward the weights. The fat loss will come from my diet and cardio tends to do more harm than good for me namely it makes me hungry as hell!

Wrap Up

So to wrap this up, my strategy did not work in reducing the long windedness of my blog post BUT hopefully it’s a little less all over the place and readable! I will most likely take my before pics on Tuesday when DH is off work. I took a couple of quick shots in the gym tonight to show a bit where I’m at. (See below)  Thanks for reading and make it an AWESOME week!



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